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'Kumbe Ndio Sababu' New Report Reveals Why Wajir County Leads In Number Of Intergender People

Intergender people are individuals who are neither male or female. In most cases they have both reproductive organs and controversial body developments such as developments of breast and broadening of hips leaving them stranded on which gender to identify with, this bring alot of psychological effects especially when they are discriminated by other members in the society.

In the recent report that was released by the KNCHR in Kenya, it shows semi arid counties such as Turkana, Garissa and Wajir recording the highest number of these cases which was attributed to the following factors:

1. Egg and sperm cells that are very weak during fertilization in the woman's womb. It might be caused by malnutrition which results from food shortage.

2. Poor medical attention during pregnancy and even when giving birth. Most of these conditions can be surgically corrected at early stages but most of the ladies delivers from their home hence lacking knowledge on how to handle it.

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