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"In An Attempt To Rape My Daughter, My Husband Inflicted Serious Injuries On Her Body," Damaris Speaks of a Painful Incident

Damaris Mbithi from Nairobi painfully narrates how her husband Attempted to rape they daughter after she left him with her at home. He threatened to kill her and also inflicted serious injuries on her body.

Damaris was born and raised in Machakos. She was the second born and she has five siblings. Her mother had separated from her father and they were living woth their grandmother. She studied to class eight but die to lack of school fees she didn't join highschool.

She said that she came to Nairobi looking for work. Three years later she met a man as she worked at a restaurant. They exchanged contacts. After a few weeks of dating they started living together. At first her husband was caring and they were blessed with three children. Two boys and one girl.

She claimed that when the responsibilities of raising the three children overwhelmed him. He took them to village and they did casual jobs to earn a living. Her husband joined a group of friends that introduced him to alcohol.

She said that he became a drankard and very abusive. He would beat her and the children and force them to sleep outside. This went on for years and Damaris still stayed with him. She said that he stopped working and she became the breadwinner. He would stay home with the children as she went for work.

She claimed that one day she came home and found her twelve years old daughter crying. She had a swelling I'm her back and when she confronted her she said that her father had hit her as he attempted to rape her. Damaris could believe what her daughter had said.

She too her to a friend and that's when she said that her father had been attempting to rape her. Whenever he tried to force himself on her she would fight him back and he inflicted serious injuries on her thighs. He also told her that he would kill her if she reported him to her.

"I was so furious that I had to report him and take my daughter to hospital." Damaris stated.

She said that she took her daughter to hospital and after several tests it was clear that he hadn't raped her but the injuries on her thighs were severe and she was treated. She reported the case to the police and her husband was arrested.

She said that she took her children and came back to Nairobi and never followed up on the case and he was released. She said that she didn't have the funds to continue with the case. She claimed that she vowed never to return to that marriage ever again.

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