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People's Reactions On The Police Jobs And Affairs

People have been expressing their mixed feelings on the whole issue of the police relationships. This came after cases of police attacking their colleagues whom they are having affairs with are on the rise. There has been calls that the sexual relationship between the police officers should be discouraged so that they can improve the working environment for the police.

Many people have disagreed with this arrangement saying that these are full grown people who should be left to make their own decisions especially on this critical Issue of marriage. Marriage becomes quit critical because it becomes a lifetime institution where people who have agreed to live together usually dwell. Sometimes it becomes quit a challenge especially when disagreements are not taken kindly by the partners resulting to physical approach.

For the case of the police, these are the people who have weapons and firearms for that case at their disposal. This makes them a special case which should be looked at jointly before making any decisions on the issue.

People have to some extent agreed with the national police leadership to regulate the love affairs among the officers but also to another extent it looks like who to marry should be an individual decisions so that later people don't point fingers to other people in case it stops working. These are some of the people's reactions;

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