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These are The New Tricks Scammers Use To Rob You All Your Cash

Scammers are everywhere from streets to online, they have come up with so many methods to rob you your cash. Gone are the days when these people could come to you and use force. I am sure most of you have gone through this either directly or indirectly. Long ago some of them could approach you in the streets and ask you to assist them with your phone so that they can make a call before they could rob you all your belongings. Have you ever been robbed inside a bus? These people can use various ways like using some strong chemicals to make u fall asleep. That is why you should be alert when you get into the bus, always make sure you are safe. Just some weeks ago, most of my neighbours were robbed at night while they were asleep, maybe the robbers used some chemicals to make them sleep deeper before they could steal all the electronics.

It's advisable to be alert when you walk in the busy streets, never talk to strangers unless necessary. In Kenya, they can ask you to send money to them using Mpesa pretending to have done a wrong transaction. When you notice such cases, never bother to reply or text back. They can pretend to have sent you some huge amount of cash which are not even there in your account. When you notice a strange international number calling you through your phone, please do not pick. These are some of the tricks these people use because once you pick, they can get some hidden details like you bank details. Some of the funniest method they use is by sending you a text pretending to be your child in boarding school asking you for some pocket money using the teacher's number. These are tricks, before you send money, please ensure that you are aware of whom you are sending the money to. The latest method they use is scary. Your phone will loose signal then after some few seconds, a strange call will come through. The person calling will pretend to be calling you from your mobile network company. I am sure most of us will not think twice after hearing that. The person will later instruct you to press 1. My dear readers, do not fall into this trap. If you press 1, they will get all your details and rob you everything after hacking your phone details.

Be careful and be safe. These are just some of the ways these evil people use. If you Know of any other method, please comment below and share..

Content created and supplied by: BenDanish (via Opera News )


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