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7 Worst Places Ever To Hide Your Money

In the backyard

Most people have tried this where you wrap tour money with something the you burry in the soil thinking it is safe, there are few disadvantages about this method; someone might see you and goes ahead and take the money, if you have dog or other pets, they may go digging holes and they can find the money and in rainy seasons, you can be very disappointed.

Under your mattress

At least most of you have tried this at some point. Although this method has become classic, do not think that hiding your money under your mattress is a good idea just because you sleep on it so you feel safe. Think about it, if someone gets into your house looking for money, this will be the first place they will search avoid being too ordinary.

In shopping bags

Sometimes you may place your money in certain shopping bags thinking its safe, even if a thief does not find the money, he/she might need something to carry the stuff stolen. The only things they will think of are the shopping bags because he/she is in s hurry

In safes that are not bolted

There are those small safes that are just free but you can put your money inside it, however this does not guarantee that your money is safe. If the safe can be transported, any person with intentions of stealing from you will take the safe with them. It is not so difficult to move and carry such safes. You should bolt your safe in a wall, a floor or something heavy that might be stressful to move around.

Behind frames

These sneaky places might seem too private for you but remember thieves watch movies too. They may come around breaking and searching everywhere in the house and on dropping the frames, they find the money.

Laundry basket

You might think that it is a good idea to keep your cash in dirty clothes because you think no one will want to look in those clothes or any other dirty places. However if thieves find valuable goods and they intend to transport them, they may use this baskets to transport the items, you do not want to surprise them, do you?

In drawers and cabinets

This are the most unsafe areas, we all start looking in drawer and cabinets when in search of something that was lost thieves will come with screwdrivers and crowbars and these is where they will begin their search. 

Some places where you can hide you money

If you have kid, you can go to his/her room and find a place where you can hide your money, somewhere like the kids toy box, just create a false bottom in it. Look for those old things in your house that no one would steal, like old shoes, radio, and phone and hide your money in them. Finally you may hide you money among buttons, threads and sewing accessories, thieve will not waste their time looking at each of these.

Which other places do you think are safe to hide your savings at home?

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