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Five Friends Who Attended The Wedding Of Their Colleague Die in an Explosion

An explotion was heard from a distance in Somali's capital Mogadishu. An extremist who was on a suicide mission was arrested but managed to accomplish his mission of bombing himself. 

In the hotel where the incident happened there were young men who were happy accompanying their colleague in getting married. The five young souls were jovial and in good spirit.

Within no time an explosion was heard from the hotel and people begun to run for their lives. The five who were in one room were unlucky. Two died on the spot while the rest died on their way to hospital leaving the newly wedded woman without a husband.

The news has been shared widely on social media with Alshabab claiming responsibility of the attack. Somali has continued to experience terror attacks from the Alshabab which is an extremist group. The Somali government has condemned the bombing with calls for quick action filling the air.

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