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"After My spinal Injury, My 78 Years Old Aunt Has Been Taking Care And Bathing Me " A Man Narrates

After being raised by his grandmother, Japhus was left to be raised by her aunts after the grandmother died. His mum abandoned him when he was young and he has never known the love of his biological mother. The parents never took care of him since he was young.

He started working and git sick so often but the aunts always kept taking care of him. They have fed him all through and ensured he is well.

In 2019, he got into an accident where his spinal cord was damaged. He was at work when he was supposed to carry a very heavy log but when he tried to carry it, the weight was too much that it damaged his spinal cord.He. Was taken to kenyatta but the doctors refused to treat him. He stayed in Kenyatta Hospital fir more than a month but ended up going to Kikuyu hospital to look for help.

After the surgery, he went back home and ever since then he has been bathed, cleaned and dressed by his aunt.

Although, he people in thee village always try . come through with supplies such as diapers, the family is in a tight spot since the financials keep running low.

At the moment he is required to do an MRI since his bladder is having alot of affection but since last year he has never gathered enough money to help him get the best treatment.

The 78 old woman has been taking care of him however she can. She is happy to be doing it and she says that she loves Japhus as his own child. However, despite the kind hearts they have been blessed with, they need help with the MRI test since they can't afford.

The doctors said that he has more than 75% chances of ever walking again and he is hopeful that with the right treatment he might be able to walk again and get to full recovery.

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