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''My Face Got Burned When I Was A Toddler'', Elisa Mwangi Tells Her Story

Elisa Mwangi is a teacher and a mother of two beautiful girls.she posted some of a pictures in a face book page by the name trendy smart and classy wear and people got curious to know about her story because her face appeared to be burned.

She then decided to share her story and what happened to her as a toddler at the age of nine months her mother left her alone ni the entrance of their kitchen and she then when inside the kitchen and fell in the old three stoned fire place facing downwards and she her face got burned.

Elisa explained how her mother hated herself for not being their to protect her child.

Check some of her pictures below;

She has gone for different surgeries and she decided to give up on them in 2014 when the pain became unbearable.

Check some of the comments netizens left after she posted her story online.

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Elisa Elisa Mwangi


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