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Road Accident

4 Things you should avoid while driving

There are some things about driving that should not be talked about but some of us ignore them. In this article we shall have an exploration of some of the things one should not do while driving. Without further ado here's the list:

Driving while sleepy or under influence.

Driving around while sleepy or under the influence of alcohol can turn out to be very dangerous. You will not only be a threat to yourself but also to other road users. You will also get into trouble with the authorities if you get caught.


This is another dangerous habit that everyone should avoid. Speeding is one of the leading cause of accidents on our roads. Speeding does not have any benefits. It only helps in increasing your chances of getting involved in an accident.

Driving Barefoot.

This is a controversial point. Some will argue that driving barefoot gives one a better feel of the pedals while others will oppose it. In my opinion, driving barefoot is not a wise choice, unless it is really necessary.

Road Rage.

Arguing in the car, fighting or attempts to get to your destination as soon as possible are common aspects of road rage. Never drive while frustrated or angry. This will put your life at risk and also the lives of other road users.

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