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Road Accident

Scary Scene in Naivasha as Tanker Ferrying Fuel Overturns

Earlier today, a Tanker carrying fuel overturned at Naivasha on your way from Nakuru and movement has been halted on the busy highway. It is unclear what caused the accident as it has blocked the entire highway and people scrambled for the fuel.

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The accident has caused a major snarlup on the busy highway as movement has been totally paralyzed. The driver of the tanker is okay from the accident and no injuries have been reported.

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Two Kenyans can be seen atop the tanker scrambling to get some of the fuel that is not yet guarded. Police have arrived at the scene and efforts to contain the situation are ongoing.

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Kenyans are always advised to stay away from a tanker that has overturned which is carrying fuel. This is a potentially flammable situation and could ignite, sending tens to their doom. Such a scenario was witnessed a few years ago when a number of people were burnt alive at Sachangwan.

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