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Remember a Man Who Ran Away After Fueling Ksh 3500 Without Paying, He Has Been Arrested Today

Police based in Nakuru county have today evening arrested a man who had run away from a Petrol station after fueling Ksh 3500. The man had some months back visited the petrol station requested a fuel totalling to 3500 and speed off.

The news was then shared to Sikika Road Safety who shared widely until the arrest today.

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The news comes when the world is facing high cost for petroleum which has never been experienced. The petroleum retail here in Kenya at Ksh 179.58 for regular Petrol and 159.98 for diseal respectively.

After the arrest, here is how people have commented on the Sikika Road Safety Facebook page;

Michael Malala

Sikika you are doing a very commendable job.

Betty Mihari

Long live Sikika Road Safety. You are a hero!

Rose Wangechi

Sikika Road Safety should be a ministry by itself,,,,, good good job guys.... May you never lack enough airtime to keep us educated.

Dickson Maleve

Good job keep it up.

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