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Importance of clean and healthy Environments for Biodiversity

A clean and healthy environment is essential for the growth and survival of Wild Life, fruits, vegetables and other species under water. All of them are being negatively impacted as a result of pollution and change of climate due to human activities. There are a loss and degradation of the habitat as a result of polluted activities. We use them to fulfill our several different needs like food, water, shelter, breathing and other necessities. Providing harm to one particular organism, in a chain reaction, it will certainly put a negative impact on us. The greater the diversity on earth, the greater is the chances of survival for humans.

In addition, there are several species which have been totally demolished and no more exist and there are many which are on the verge of becoming so. To avoid such circumstances, and for the survival of these species, it is required to change our living patterns. These species are not only the beauty of life but in fact are vital for many reasons in biodiversity. Their survival is somehow linked to the benefit of the human beings whether directly or indirectly.

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