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"I Wanted To Kill Myself Along With This Baby After My Sister Chased Me Away", Woman Confesses

A woman has finally decided to open up about the ongoing life which she says is hard following the death of her husband and the mistreatment which she has been getting from her biological sister which she claimed left her suicidal.


According to her, she claimed that her biological sister started mistreating her after she got pregnant with her current son who allegedly survived a tragic incident after she ingested poison while still pregnant. On her own words, she claimed that she had just come to the city to look for a job after which she got a boyfriend and got pregnant.

Things would later turn ugly after her husband who was a Boda-Boda operator reportedly died in a tragic accident after he allegedly collided with an overspeeding truck in his line of duty. She would go to her sister who advised her to get rid of the baby and after the mistreatments, she decided to kill herself where she was rushed to the hospital by her neighbors.

In conclusion, she revealed that the death of her husband has brought an impact in her life because as much as she Is trying to make ends meet, life is already hard enough because she is not getting anymore chances to work because people keep on turning her down because of her baby.

Due to this reason, she has called upon all Kenyans and well wishers who might find it in their heart to help her raise the money in order to buy a trolley which she intends to sell eggs and smokeys in.

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