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Expert Forensics DCI Officers on International Assignment After Request From Seychelles [Photos]

The Directorate of Criminal Investigations has been at the top of their game in solving crimes across the country where they have been able to nab a lot of culprits who have caused a lot of chaos in the country.

Picture courtesy. Image of the DCI Forensics Labs in Kiambu HQ.

The Forensics team is able to peace together information that is sometimes not easily visible to the eye and the fact that guns are used mostly nowadays, they have to ensure that the lab is specially equipped.

The Directorate of Criminal Investigations Forensics Lab was launched a few months ago and since then, it has been very instrumental in solving crimes.

It has been so instrumental to the point where other countries are taking notes and Seychelles, a country comprising of over 100 islands, has requested the DCI team to intervene in a crime committed in the country.

The country's authorities seized a cache of armory from a suspect and since then, they have been unable to piece together any relation to other crimes in the area.

The Directorate of Criminal Investigations Forensic Ballistics lab and the Bomb Disposal & Harzadous materials unit are currently in the country of Seychelles on the international assignment.

As per the reports from the country, the team of professional firearm examiners who hold local as well as international certification, have immediately started on the rigorous exercise by ensuring that they document all the firearms and ammunition.

Picture courtesy. Image of the officers.

Pictures courtesy.

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