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"Ghosts Are Real" Watch Out This CCTV Footage Video.

Have you ever believed that the ghosts or rather demons do exist?And if it is a yes,in which form did it happen with your one on one experience?Then don't forget to share your experience below this of my page.

Now you can somehow agree with me that in Africa,when one talks of ghosts experience all that we picture in mind is a photo of the dead trying to haunt the living in different ways.

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When you go to the Whites,the ghosts and demonic aspects are quite identified in the mysterious happenings beyond human knowledge and understanding.

Recently according to a twitter post on the 'The Sun' page,a CCTV footage has been leaked showing the moment a wheelchair moves on its own.The CCTV shows a wheelchair slowly rolling out of a corner,moving forward to a ramp without anyone pushing it.Surprisingly,at one point the ghost wheelchair appears to move backwards.

Have you ever come across such happenings?For me it's a NO,although i could doubtfully think of tricks played there with creativity.In that,the wheelchair is set up with a kind of a motor and one is controlling it with a remote.

Click on the link below,to watch the full CCTV video footage.

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