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Ever heard of a prison in an island

Well, back in the days in San Fransisco a prison was built in an island. It was called alcatraz. The prison was built there so as to make it hard for the prisoners to escape.

It was believed that those who tried to escape would not make it to mainland because they would die while swimming. The distance from mainland was too big .

Also, most people feared going there because it was a strict place to be and with the fact that it housed some of the dangerous criminals at that time.

However, it is currently not in use because with time it degraded. It was abandoned since it was not in a good condition to house humans anymore.

It is said that its poor state would not allow a normal human being to survive in there. It however, remains as a site that would remind the people of once a place that was feared by most.

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San Fransisco alcatraz


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