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"Police Failed Me, My Family Rejected Me, Everyone Watched As My Kids Went Hungry" A Mother Narrates

The issue with the police has been the largest failed system in the our country. From police brutality and harassment to police denying citizens of their right for service. Most victims of rape are always being denied help from the paramedics and the police force.

Phylis has faced an ordeal she will always remember her whole life. Her pain started after she was raped . The people who raped her later threw her out of the car, and left her to suffer out in the cold with her daughters.

She slept out in the forest with her kids but luckily Morning came and she went to the police to seek help in a police station nearby. Even after she explained what happened to her and ger kids, no one cared to help. All they did was listen to her story and talk about it without offering to help her. The police refused to offer her money to travel back home.

They wrote her an Ob report that didn't prove how legit her story was and this led to the doctors refusing to help her. They asked her for money inorder to help her. Her only cry was that she be given PREP for her daughter who had been exposed to a sexual assaults but the doctors denied her help since she didn't have Ksh 500.

She travelled back to her home Nairobi, but didn't want to go back to her husband's home since he was the reason she had run away in the first place. In Nairobi she found a hospital and found help. The doctor's hands were tied since 72 hours after her rape had already passed. One doctor was empathetic with her and helped her, gave her PEP to take for 28 days.

She didn't have a place to sleep and had to sleep out in the forest with her kids for more than one week. No one offered to help her with shelter. Students from KIST used to pass by and help her with money to buy milk for her youngest child.

After she got help, she was taken to a children's home where she was victimised and her kids secluded with claims that they were HIV positive.

She tried to commit suicide and the police took her in and locked her up. Some police woman paid up another person to lie so that she can be locked up. But she finally found help with a woman who goes by the name njeri, the co-founder of usikimye. Njeri is fighting to ensure Phylis and her kids finds peace, shelter and support they need.

Phylis is just an example of how rotten the police system is. How sad it is that people have to go through alot of harrassment in the hands of the people meant to protect her.

Although she has found help, the scars and the trauma of what she went through will always be with her fir the rest of her life and that of her kids.

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