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Bad News To People Chewing "Miraa" As Leaders Plan To Make This Law

Bad news to people chewing "Miraa," as members of the county assembly of Embu plan to introduce a law regulating its consumption.

The leader of the majority who gave these details while attending a Thanksgiving service in Embu County argued that it is affecting the well-being and productivity of youth around the country. Following this, he revealed that plans to limit the time frame people chew "Miraa" are underway.

"We appreciate that miraa and muguka are our cash crops. However, we are also aware that they are destroying our children. It cannot always be about money." He said.

According to his statement, he also indicated worries concerning the addiction to this plant. He also added that the law will make chewing "Miraa" illegal during the day. Furthermore, under-18s will not be allowed to access it.

"Marijuana is grown in Jamaica, but smoking is illegal. We cannot have people chewing miraa all the time with bulging cheeks, no time for food, and no time for productive work. We need the money, but we also need our children to remain sound," he added.

Source: Meru Daily News

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