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Road Accident

Miraa Driver Reveals Why They Are Always On A 'Hot pursuit'

If you live in Kenya especially near the tarmac road, there is a chance you have seen either a lorry or a probox transporting Miraa on an unbelievable speed. Don't be in a rush to curse these guys as a Miraa driver finally reveals why.

On Friday night on an NTV show, that starts at exactly 7:30pm ("The wicked edition") hosted by the self proclaimed doctor -Doctor Kingori, who invited on the show, Kush Gunen and OmuTrey songz- Miraa drivers to deliberate more on their business operations.

Kingori asked why Miraa drivers drove fast on the road, and in response the driver explained that Miraa is a perishable good and if not transported fast enough, may perish, hence a loss.

Unbelievably when asked about incidences where they found themselves late due to a traffic jam, they responded that they have never by any chance were late. and they will do anything to beat the assigned time, even if it means to 'beat the bush'.

"How long does it take for a person like me to be a Miraa driver?"The host asked, "you will take approximately a year to train yourself and develop the courage", Omutrey responded.

"Have ever gave up on this job?" the host inquired, "yes, I had given up, but they came for me, once you start there is no going back". Omutrey added.

"what if you crash, while transporting the goods?" Kingori asked. on this incident, they explained that there is always a backup plan of another vehicle that would collect the product immediately on the scene of the accident, as the driver and conductor are taken to hospital.

You now know that the vehicles carrying Miraa are not in a safari rally competition, but rather in a 'business operation'.

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