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Reactions As Caroline's 'Lookalike' Who Was Shot Reveals Money She Paid For A Room(Details)

There have been a lot of stories from Phanice ever since the day that she was shot. According to her, she revealed that the man wanted her but she didn't give in to his demand. He later lured her to the car and shot her in the abdomen. However, she revealed that on that day, she had rented a room for Ksh 300 and he wanted to share with her.

This was posted by k24 and on the post they wrote, "Chemutai said she rented a room for Ksh300"

Here are some of the comments:

Angwenyi: It must have started from somewhere, you can't just wake up and tell us that he wanted to share with you..Let her give us the other side of the story. 

Joseph: This lady has been coached with an imaginary idea that she has now hit a jackpot. 

She intends to use this situation to enrich herself

Ombaka: She doesn't even look like the killer cop. Something is not adding up, and what did the sister say before Chemutai spoke? Our ladies stop doing this business of ashawoo!

Soul: Whether they knew one immaterial the man should be jailed for misuse of a firearm wakulane wasikulane ,wajuane wasijuane you cannot go shooting.people aimlessly,no ,the firearm is issued to be used if one is in danger.was.the man in danger.

Wilfred: This story is not adding up the truth is that they know each other well and she is only trying to hide the facts that she knows him well

Geoffrey: This story is complicated and both shooter and victim appears to be holding back the vital info. Mistaken identity theory from the shooter is just a cover up. The lady is shying off telling the truth maybe to protect her dignity. It smells more of a tragic blind date

Roy: Whether you're coached or what, you're justified to pin down these lincesed gun robbers.

Ongao: The two parties are hiding something, or maybe the lady now needs compensation now that their relationship has gone sour.

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