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Meru Chief Ferries Suspect Producing Illicit Brew On His Back To Police Station For Investigation

After carrying a suspect on the back on their route to the police station, Humphrey Mugambi, the area chief of Kanyakine village, Imenti, Meru county, startled residents.

Chief Mugambi received information that someone in the area was producing illegal beverages.

Residents led him to John, the ringleader's residence. They discovered the door was shut, but upon peering inside, they discovered John had locked himself inside the house.

They smashed the door down, and when questioned, he stated that he was unwell and widowed, and that a group of individuals had been using his home to produce the brews in exchange for food, water, and medication.

Chief Mugambi and the cops poured the beer and carried some cans as proof.

Because John was unable to walk, the chief carried him to the police station on his back, where he will assist the officers in their investigations.

Chief Mugambi has stated that he will devote all of his resources to combating illegal brew in the area. Other chiefs were advised to follow likewise.

On the other side, residents of Kakamega county's Kimilili constituency are mourning the deaths of five persons who died after ingesting an illegal brew.

The five perished after drinking the lethal brew, which has apparently rendered many men in the area infertile, according to trustworthy sources.

The 17 gentlemen began to complain of stomach troubles, headaches, and some stated that their vision was damaged after sipping the vodka.

They were rushed to the hospital for treatment, but five of them were later found to be deceased.

According to accounts, each of the twelve survivors was charged KSh 980, which some of the survivors said they couldn't afford as they pleaded for help.

One of the survivors, Sichange, has stated that he is now a changed man and that he is grateful to God for his life after the trauma claimed the lives of his dear companions.

Simwenge has urged fellow survivors not to forget to praise God since they would not have survived the ordeal if they hadn't.

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