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"Attacks Zingine Zinakushika At A Personal Level. For Us That Was Extremely Personal" Wajesus Family

The Wajesus family, Peter Kabi and Millicent Wambui in the beginning of the year made air waves on all social media platforms regarding paternity claims. The DNA paternity test revealed that Kabi sired a daughter with his cousin in 2013, which he later acknowledged on his Instagram account.

The expose on Edgar Obare's Instastories saw them became victims of online trolling. Yesterday the Wajesus Family had an exclusive interview on Mungai Eve's YouTube channel where for the first time they spoke about the whole issue.

Milly Wajesus revealed that it was really a hard period for them but with prayers and counselling they were able to stand strong. Hence that's Kabi's past and he has never changed and he will always stand by him since she knows his heart.

"For me it was just to trust in God and pray that God anilead on how to handle everything. Kuna attacks zingine zinakushika ata a personal level and for us that was extremely personal. I prayed alot. Secondly I talked to people. We used to talk to our friends. We used to go for counselling.

Unajua kuna vitu yu happen in marriage zingine hu expect. I remember we were told ukifika the fourth year that's when you will know if that marriage will stand. For me I took it as a challenge. I took as something every person goes through. And for me what I was looking at was the heart of Kabi.

I know Kabi. I have stayed with him for the last four years. So I know who he is. For me it was so much about who he is that has never changed since we met. Even though somethings zili come from the past. For me I was like, I will stand with him because I know him. I know his heart. And hakuwa amenikosea in anyway. " Milly Wajesus

On his side Kabi really appreciated Milly for her support and said they are still in the process of healing.

"Ni prayers. This are not easy things. Hio story sio rahisi. For us we really had to pray. We really had to seak God. We really had to seek advice. We are still in the process of healing and understanding how to go on from here. I thank God for my wife because she stood by my side and she's supported me even now. And she is supporting me in the decision of what next.

This is my past. Yeye ata hayuko hapo. But the fact that she is willing not condem, to talk, have a solution and have a way forward." Kabi Wajesus

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