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How Autopsies Are Done When Trying to Solve Crime Dramas

By definition, an autopsy is a post-mortem examination done on dead body to discover the cause of death or the extent of disease that killed that person. It really helps in solving crime related dramas when the cause of death is not exactly known.

For an autopsy to succeed and give the desired results, a group of professionals ie Forensic pathologists (experts in determining cause and manner of death) and autopsy technicians (dieners) must work in collaboration / as a team.

Following are steps they follow to ensure success.

1) External body examination.

The team of experts will first inspect the body after stripping off the clothes then try to trace evidences such gunpowder residue, paint flakes, marks such as scars or other injuries. 

So if for example a gun powder has been traced, they will definitely conclude that the deceased was shot dead or he/she shot himself dead. If they find injuries or scars then they conclude the deceased was hit by a blunt object e.t.c.

2) Internal body examination.

For internal examination, pathologist removes and dissects the chest, abdominal and pelvic organs, and (if necessary) the brain. Small samples from these organs are then taken to be made into slide preparations for examination under a microscope. Below is a screenshot from on the procedure used while dissecting the chest.

Pathologists also examine bodily fluids like urine, blood, vitreous gel from the eyes to test for drugs, infections or their chemical composition.

If for example the blood sample is contaminated with toxic chemicals, they'll definitely conclude that the deceased was poisoned or poisoned himself.

3) Finally, reconstituting of the body is done.

After all the examinations have been successfully conducted, the body of the deceased is sewn and closed. The organs that were extracted from the body may be returned or retained for teaching or research.

Now you know. I hope that this article was educative and informative. I wish you a good time as you share. Be blessed.

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