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Why Traffic Jam May Appear To Move Faster After You Alight From A Vehicle.

These are the possible reasons as to why Traffic Jam may appear to move faster after you alight from the Matatu or any vehicle. Brain and the environment you are currently around at the moment it's the common reason as to why you will think this.

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After alighting from the matatu you will have to switch to another lane that it's comfortable to you. You might switch to the other new lane and you might see the vehicles in the new lane moving fast and you will quickly conclude that the old lane you were at, the traffic has opened up too.

Also vehicles stuck on a bend road may seem to move faster than the vehicles stuck on a straight road because of traffic jam.

The brain and the environment will control you once you alight. Your brain will try to make you act fast in an environment where things are slower. Your brain will tell you act fast in a slow traffic and tricks you to alight.

The same brain that convinced you alight, will make you think that the traffic as opened and the vehicle you alighted from, is moving faster again. All of this perception of vehicles moving faster after alighting, are all caused by the brain.

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