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Mixed Reaction Online As This Is Spotted in The Nairobi Express Way

Nairobi Express way is one of the major project from the government. When the express way was launched, strict measures were put in place.

Today, Many Kenyans online have blasted the Government after the cows were spotted on the express way. But how did a cow even reach there. It surprised many because to use the express way you have to pay. How did the cow even pass the check point. It is quit weird though. Here are some of the reactions from Kenyans Online:

"These fatal causing animals need to be banned in our roads or easily slaughtered for the hungry. Two weeks ago I missed one by Grace of God along southern bypass." David Ngure.

"Wah is this the same road that I heard has strict measures? ATI sijui hata ukimwaga maji apo you'll be sued?" Lyrical Aizo.

"You mean cows have been to expreeway before me!" Wencelus Birech.

What are your thoughts concerning this? Feel free to share them in the comments section.

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