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Ugly Scene as Pastor Caught Red-Handed Satisfying Himself With a School Girl in Ndhiwa Homabay

Its unfortunate Scene as a Clergy man caught in act with a toddler in Homabay. Police arrested the man of God after impersonating the minor.

The young girl suffered from epilepsy and pastor lured her in the name of praying for her. The girl accepted the prayer not knowing what was awaiting her. The pastor was on the run for six months.

The law caught up with him. He was hunted by detectives. The young girl who was in class seven had to drop out of school due to pregnancy. She has however delivered twins.

The area chief said that he received intelligence from members of the public that the preacher had arrived. This prompted him to call police and accompany him to his home where they found the preacher. The preacher prayed loudly after seeing officers in his house. He hoped that he would escape the arm of the law.

He will be answerable to defilement acts. This is devastating as he took advantage of the minor.

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