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No boy child, No Piece of Land, Woman cries for help

Some communities believe that a boy child must be born for the continuity of a family traditions.

This is the case that has struck a middle-aged widow who her in-laws have ganged up to evict her from her matrimonial home in Siaya County because she did not bore a boy child.

Winnie Atieno, who lost her husband nine years ago says the two-acre piece of land she has been cultivating for over 20 years has been snatched from her by her in-laws and sold. She revealed that she is now stranded not knowing where to go after losing the piece of land.

Speaking to Citizen Digital, Atieno stated that her troubles began when she got stroke and could not support her elderly mother-in-law as she has always done. Things turned more sore when, the mother-in-law's house got burnt and all the blame was laid on her.

Efforts to by Citizen Digital to get comments from her in-laws hit a snag as they did not want to speak of the matter.

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