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Courageous Woman Saves A BodaBoda Operator Life's At Gun Point From Two Dangerous Motorbike Thieves

A courageous woman yesterday saved a bodaboda operator who was running away from his assailants who were armed with a gun,according to detectives the woman was shot in her leg after the two thugs seeked to be told where the man had vanished to,however the woman remained adamant as he courageously told the two that he had not seen anyone on his way,all this time his unannounced visitor was hiding under her bed with his injuries,according to detectives the man identified as Eliphas Mutwiri was shot by his two passengers who wanted to steal his motorbike.

However despite being two the man didn't allow the thugs to take his motorbike without giving them a fight,Mutwiri narrated to police officers that he wasn't aware that he was carrying thieves until one of them reached for a gun in his pocket asking him to stop immediately,further he reached on his ignition ordering Mutwiri to stop however the man didn't stop,a scuffle ensued as the three were involved in exchange of blows before they shot Eliphas.

When he was shot Mutwiri dumped his source of income as he fled without looking back,the two who were annoyed with Mutwiri stubbornness followed him,Mutwiri who was losing a lot of blood was hidden in the woman's bed,minutes later the thugs who were not interested with the bike stormed her house demanding to be told where their victim was,they left their crime scene as Mutwiri and the woman were taken to hospitals by good Samaritans 

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