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Men, You are Killing Yourself Slowly if you Still Do These Dangerous Things

Do you know that men are the most endangered species? In most cases, you will find that men are the ones who engage in dangerous activities compared to females. 

That's why I brainstorm to come up with this article to equip you with the knowledge to stop mentioned things below. 

These activities will slowly kill you because they can lead to chronic illness.

 1. Investing money in a woman who is not already your wife. Most men have suffered mentally, emotionally, and also physically. This is due to fact that most of them when they engage in a relationship they tend to invest a lot of money. After this when a lady finds another lover that's when suicidal thoughts come. By doing this you are killing you're self without knowing.

2. Gambling of any kind. Men are the most bettors as compared to ladies. When someone invests heavily in betting and outcomes become a loss. This might trigger stress hormones that can lead to the development of chronic illnesses such as ulcers and diabetes. Just look at other jobs than engaging in these activities that kill you slowly.

3.Heavy intake of alcohol. Alcoholic drinks are the most consumed products worldwide. Men are the most consumers as compared to ladies. According to various studies done, alcohol contains chemicals that impair our body by causing inflammations. For instance in the stomach may cause ulcers, also in our body, it can impair insulin secretion causing diabetes. Thus it is good to reduce the amount of intake.

4. Smoking Tobacco. Men are most smokers of cigarettes and other drugs. Do you know that tobacco smoking is the main causative agent for lung cancer that is diagnosed worldwide? Also, it can lead to other health conditions such as liver and heart failure. You should stop the amount of intake per day to live a long life.

In my own opinion, I have not said to stop above risky activities completely but you should reduce the amount to prolong your life.

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