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Wanjiku Burst Into Tears After Man Impregnated Her Daughter Over Promise Of Buying Them Food For 150

Peris Wanjiku, a widow, is a mother of seven whose pain knows no bounds. Her 19-year old daughter was impregnated by a man who had promised to buy them food for Ksh150.

 When her husband passed on, she was chased out of her matrimonial home by her husband's brother's and found herself on the streets. She would do manual jobs to try feed her kids and was able to find a house for them.

She gets left over food for them from a compost pit in the busy Kahangware market in Nairobi. She now stays in a dilapidated store with her kids after she was chased out of her house. Here is the story of a lady who more than once has contemplated taking the her life and that of her seven kids. Do you think this move by the man is correct? Do you think he should be arrested? Share your views an thoughts on the matter.

The move by the men impregnating ladies have been increasing of late and then turn away leaving them to live in poverty.

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Peris Wanjiku Wanjiku


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