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10 Reasons Why Doors In Public Washrooms Don't Reach The Floor

Public washrooms have a huge space between the door and the floor. There are several reasons why the public washrooms have the space between the door and the floor which include;

1. To make cleaning easier- Hundreds of people use public washrooms daily which makes them filthy faster than washrooms at home. The space between the stall door and floor helps to keep the stalls spotless without dirt accumulating on the stalls.

2. You can see if someone needs help- Different kinds of people use public washrooms. The space between the door and floor helps to help person Incase of emergency.

3. It keeps people from doing things they are not supposed to do- Most people like doing things under supervision. The door space helps keep away unwanted graffiti or any other unallowed business. The door design also helps maintain decorum and cleanliness of washrooms.

4. Installing of the doors is much cheaper- Stall doors are easier to install, can be installed anywhere and cuts the cost of installing by almost half which makes it cheaper.

5. It is easier to find which ones are vacant- You can simply check if the persons feet are visible instead of knocking to know the occupied ones. This also avoids unnecessary conversations.

6. You can land a helping hand- A person can save themselves from embarrassment of walking out to get toilet paper. Instead, they can ask the person in the adjacent to pass it.

7. It is not an issue if you lock yourself inside- If you accidentally lock yourself inside, someone else will help you open the door.

8. It gets rid of pungent smell- Pungent smell does not stay enclosed in the cubicle but it gets distributed and diffused. This is because of the opening in the doors.

9. People take lesser time inside the stalls- These type of doors make sure people do not overstay inside than necessary.

10. If a pipe breaks, water won't accumulate- If a pipe bursts and water accumulates in one place, the short doors keep the water flowing out evenly until the pipe is fixed.

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