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Lessons from Agness Tirop's Murder

An autopsy report and a suspects confession note together with the murder weapon have given overwhelming evidence pointing to murder. According to Tirops younger sister who lived with her, Tirop had faced her husband's wrath on several occasions. "ELen on the day she returned from the Olympics,she did not sleep. She was wailing all night because of the beating. In the morning her face was swollen and bruised." She stated. But why? Her muder equals sacrilege!

Photo: Agnes Tirop celebrates winning bronze in Doha,2019.

This is gross violation to our dearest passion sports. It seems that nothing is no longer tender , precious and sacred in this world. I would use the strongest words to condem Agnes Tirops Murder at her prime. Tirop was no ordinary athlete and it was clear she was destined for greatness.

Male Chauvinism

Her husband Ibrahim Rotich is being detained at the Eldoret police station for 20 days pending investigation but he is being held as the prime suspect with detectives in possession of a confession letter allegedly left by him before he escaped to Mombasa where he was arrested.

Photo : Ibrahim Rotich

The bottom line , however , is that we must change the mentality and social attitudes of the male in our society. Our boys and men must be taught and trained to regard girls and women as their equal partners. Supremacist masculinism 'male Chauvinism' is pointless. This is ultimately the cause of Agnes Tirop's Murder. The graceful race of life and love should never end in stabs wounds and death.

The sad truth is that such depressing Incidence of conflict , violence and even death are frequent in our families and relationships. One point I would l ike to make especially to my fellow me is that we must make efforts to understand love and respect our women. Let's help end GBV.

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