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'They Left Me For Dead But I Woke Up In A Mortuary 3 Days Later And Gave Birth' Mum Painfully Shares

After, Joyce Chepkemoi, got married and went to reside in Kuresoi, Nakuru county. Their union was blissful, they amassed a lot of wealth and were blessed with children.

Unfortunately, their lives changed one fateful day after the 2007 elections. Joyce was 8 and a half months expectant with her last born child, when the post election violence broke out. A gang of 12 men attacked them in their home.

She watched in disbelief as they murdered her beloved husband before they turned their weapons to her. They beat her, cut off her 2 fingers, disfigured her face using her fire and left her for dead. Luckily, her children escaped unharmed as they were playing at a neighbour’s.

"I woke up in a mortuary after 3 days, they were convinced that I was dead. A day after waking up I have birth to a healthy baby boy” Joyce revealed thankful she survived.

Today, Joyce does public speaking in schools warning students from burning schools and using violence. She hopes that her survival story will deter youths from being used to cause violence in the upcoming 2022 general election.

Here's the link to her full story: (

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