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Any Good Samaritan help in funding for this man Advanced treatment for quicker recovery.

Damascene was born with a condition where his bones are so weak that they break like glasses.

In his entire life, he never thought that one day he would get married then produce a baby but God made a way to god a beautiful wife who loves him the most.

They have been through a lot but the woman is here ready to do everything for the man.

Valentin is the wife to damasan she says they have been living a very difficult life since the day they got married.

They had warned how to not marry this man due to a lot of different factors including this disability but the woman gave them a deaf ear and now she's facing consequences.

She says she does not regret her decisions they met and after spending time together the two fell in love and proceeded to tie the note and letter promised one another to live together for the rest of their life here on this planet.

They have now spent four years together that journey started in a rough way where the woman did not immediately get pregnant due to her health problems.

It took her three hours for her to conceive but later she got pregnant and the woman gave birth last year but before she became pregnant a lot was said and more and more negative comments from almost everyone.

Many laughed at her and mocked the woman after spending all those three years without conceiving they said her husband cannot produce due to his physical disability.

He's already sick and always in hospitals making their life more difficult but Valentin says she will always be here for the husband no matter how hard these trials and temptations ate.

The man said that they are more of how the bonds break like glasses according to science this condition is called osteogenesis imperfecta which is caused by defective genes.

This is why he's grateful that today is at least called a father he was told by doctors that with the availability of enough money the man can be treated

Please anyone with donations to help in saving the life of this man and his family.

Visit the following website and donate

Many comments have risen from YouTube concerning him.

Bellow is a link from YouTube click on it to access the content.

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Damascene Valentin


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