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"Peopele Are Weak To Money" Police Spokesperson Explains Why Police Take Bribe

Contravesial police spokesperson Charles Owino has today unmasked the reason behind polive taking bribery. Many kenyans have been complaining that police like taking bribery. Many say this is the reason why corruption will never end in kenya. Police spokesperson has a varied reason why police are taking bribe.

"People are very weak to money. If police officers are caught taking money, we arrest know police officers are paid little money because they can not be paid all the money in the Treasury. All we are saying is that you should not bribe police officers" Charles Owino.

From what many will all agree with me is that corruption in the security sector is very high. From the recruitment process to working environment. Being a police officer in Kenya is hard too. Low pay and hard working conditions. With all this in mind, its very hard not to accept bribe. Police find themselves in very compromising situations making its hard for them to refuse bribes.

What is your take on this matter of police taking bribe. How can Kenya control this sector of police?

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