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The Most Toxic Plants In Your Garden

Castor plant.

Raw castor beans or seeds have a lethal poison ,ricin. Ricin poisoning is rare , however this plant is recorded in the Guiness World Records to be the most poisonous common plant.

It causes seizures, vomitting, severe dehydration , bloody diarrhea and decrease in urine. If left untreated ,death can occur within 3-5 days after ingestion. If treated, full recovery can be achieved.

Foxglove plant.

Scientifically called, Digitalis purpurea, it is native to Europe, Western Asia and Northwestern Africa . Thr flowers are tubular shaped produced on a tall spike varying in colour from purple to pink, white and yellow.

Overdosing causes gastrointestinal disturbances, cardiac arrhythmia and jaundiced vision. There is also hallucinations, nausea, blurry vision, slow pulse and headaches.

Rosary pea plant.

This plant,also called Abrus precarious and crab's eye, has a lethal poison called abrin. Abrin is more toxic than ricin in castor plant and can kill almost immediately.

The symptoms are identical to ricin poisoning except that it is more toxic by about two times. Intact seeds however pose no clinical case as they pass through the digestive tract undigested.

Deadly Nightshade.

Deadly Nightshade contains poisonous alkaloid which has hycosamine and scopolamine toxins both causing delirium and hallucinations.

This plant can be harmful to touch if the skin has cuts and abrasions. Just 2-4 berries can kill a child while 10-20 berries can kill an adult.

Poison Ivy .

This is an allergic Asian and Eastern North America flowering plant that causes skin itchiness , irritation and painful rashes.

The rashes are caused by Urishol, a clear liquid found in the plant's sap. It is not a true Ivy as the same goes. It is such an unwelcome weed to the garden . Different species are known to occur but they all have similar effects.

Snake root.

Snake root's leaves and stem contains tremetol which is extremely poisonous. This plant is rarely consumed by animals, for instance a cow, but if they do, tremetol can be passed from the cow to humans by consuming meat or milk from the cow.

Tremetol is also poisonous to horses,sheep and goats. But snake root has been used for medicinal purposes in that, root tea is used for treatment diarrhea, fever and kidney stones.

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Foxglove Guiness World Records


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