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Theft robbery

Simple things we should have to purse in case of emergency.

It's better to minimize the risk of being in an emergency, and you can carry simple objects with you that can be used as survival tools if necessary. For example, zip locks have at least 4 ways of use, in case of an accident.

1. Salt.

A part from making food taste good, salt can be used as a protective tool, when in danger, throw salt at the face of the attacker, aiming for the eyes. It will help u some time to run away. If u find yourself on slippery surface, unable to walk, throw some salt to create traction and escape to safety.

2: A fake wallet.

It can be used as a distraction when being robbed. While running away, throw a fake wallet so the thief will stop to pick it up. This way, you won't lose any of your important documents or money and you will be able to escape the attack safely.

3: A wristwatch.

Place it inside your fist, cross your middle knuckles , can quickly because s knuckle buster that can be used for self protection to create glass when you need to escape.

4: A hair brush.

It's likely you already have a hair brush in your purse, but apart from being a handy grooming tool, it can help you protect yourself. Use it to attack criminals on their face, aiming for the eyes. Many hair brush can be used to hide money and cookies of your ID.

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