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Road Accident

Aqua Expert Reveals Why Opening The Windows of a Car When it Plunges in Water Could Save Lives

Hezron Odhiambo who is an Aqua Expert at Kenya Red Cross has shed some light concerning the safety precautions incase a vehicle plunges into a river or any other water. He used the incident that happened in Kitui County where the bus fell inside Enziu River claiming the lives of over 25 people now.[Photo Courtesy]

According to Mr Odhiambo, he claims that incase a vehicle falls inside the water, the people who are inside should open the windows for their own benefits. He claims that the open window will allow fresh air to get inside the vehicle and also allow some people to come out of the vehicle and try swimming.

Additionally, he claims that incase it happens that the vehicle plunges inside the waters those who are inside should remain calm first before making any move that could easily lead to death. He suggested that when you relax inside the vehicle, your mind will start thinking on the next step to take including breaking the emergency exit door and then swimming to a safer place.

He also admitted that when a vehicle falls in water, most people will panic and they will be forced to do things that will turn out to be very dangerous to them. Therefore, he has urged all drivers to ensure that they familiarize themselves with the place they are going before the official day of the journey to avoid some accidents.

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