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Beuldings collapses And Traps Several People In Kiambu county At Kihunguro In Ruiru

Building of storey hauses has become common in Kenya, with people beulding substandard hauses just to beuld with minimum amount of money as much as they can.These have bring collapses of so many beuldings in Kenya and hence a call for change among house investors and hauses Architecture in Kenya

Today in Kiambu county in Ruiru town at kihunguro, a nine storey beulding have collapsed and several people have been trapped in the beulding.The building is said to have collapsed at around two hours earlier.

First aiders have jet in and are trying save people whom have been trapped in the collapsed beulding. tracks have been set aside to try to pull out the collapsed beuldings and try to remove the hidden people in the beuldings.up to now it's not well known the number of people trapped inside the beuldings.

The nine storey beuldings is believed to have been beuld in sub standard manner which have led to the collapse of the beuldings.

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Kenya Kiambu Ruiru


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