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The Crucial Truth About The Death Of A Kenyan Nurse Who Died In Canada

Many people yearn for a better comfortable life, to many Africans that means getting a job abroad, that's the dream life, yes everything good must also have its disadvantages.

But for a young lady wanting to grow her nursing career in Canada what a sad story as Hellen Wendy Nyabuto acquires a visa to travel abroad not knowing she was going to meet her death.

From her photos one can tell she was indeed a beautiful young lady who wanted a bright future for herself.

So Hellen Wendy Nyabuto went live on her facebook channel while on a swimming pool, connecting with her facebook fans feeling the vibes, diving under water while the unimaginable happened.

In the first 10seconds of the video everything was going on well, Hellen was happy showing her fans how great her day was going, until she dived underwater and couldn't be seen again but from the noises she made one could tell she was calling for help.

After the incident, one of Hellen Wendy Nyabuto's relatives shared a screenshot of them chatting, and in their conversation Hellen replied and I quote

"Hata kama ni this year, nitakufa huku, sijui mtanichuka" then added a laughing emoji,, was she joking around with her relative?

Many have been quick to jump to conclusion and interpret that,it's the word of the tongue (it is what she said) that caused her death.

What do you think? Is the power of the tongue theory real? Leave a comment and let me know.

What a tragedy, Hellen Wendy must have been at a learning point in swimming and not a good swimmer, and maybe must have crossed into the deepest end of the swimming pool without her noticing and when she did she snapped, got confused and couldn't think straight since her legs were not touching the bottom of the swimming pool anymore.

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