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Kenyan Politician Finally Gets Rid of 'Demonic Cats' Around Her Multimillion Home

Chama ya Mapatano party leader has for days complained about strange cats who had infested her multimillion home. On Monday night Madam Damaris Too shared in her WhatsApp status the loud screaming cats, the scary loud voices sounded more like a strangled man than that of cats.

She said that the cats were devilish and would cast away the same through prayers despite being termed superstitious. Revealing her breakthrough, Ms. Too said she sprinkled holy water around her home to the surprise of many. She was termed superstitious but being a staunch Christian, she had faith in sending away the 'demons' through prayers.

"Call me superstitious but I better be careful than sorry. So we have had some noises of cats for a while and as usual, everyone told me it's mating season. Yesterday was crazy and I took a video and sent a few pastors, I told them this sounded like a child being strangled or an old man crying for help," Damaris revealed.

In a long Facebook post, the Christian-oriented politician revealed how she chased away the 'demons off her property", she was excited that the cats disappeared after the prayers and sprinkling.

Today I looked very stupid doing the prophetic action but what does the bible say about things of God...I took a step of faith. As I am typing in the longest time, I haven't had a single noise from a children slept at 8 pm. I believe these were spiritual spirits, and to say I am happy Leo is an understatement. 

Damaris Too is a new member of the political field, she recently launched a party Chama Ya Mapatano after resigning from the KANU party. Her party focuses on political morality oriented in Christianity, she is also a women leadership advocate and very vocal about her love for God.

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