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Could She Be The Oldest Person ? Meet Kenyan Oldest Woman Claimed To The Oldest Person In The World

Sarah Chepkirui from Kericho County claims she was born in 1880.Her family claimed she is the oldest person in the world. She beat Jamaican granny Violet Brown who died in 2017 at 117 years old.

Chepkirui who hails from Kipchimchim Ward, Kericho county, is 138 years old and claims she was born in 1880.

Granny Maina looks as though she could be 140, with her wizened face and tiny frame. She possesses the old generation Identification Card that notes that she was born in 1920, but all her eight children dispute this as their eldest, Alice Cheruto Tuimising is 92. Her Identification Card indicates she was born in 1926. Her youngest child, Reuben Marsoi, is 54 years.

A viral photo of Sarah Chepkirui who is arguably Kenya's oldest woman warmed many hearts on social media.

Her oldest format ID indicates that she was born in 1920, but her children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren have disputed that, since her oldest daughter is 92-years-old. Her eldest daughter's ID card indicates she was born in 1926.

Although she has lost her sight, Sarah has strong sense of hearing and she can recognize her children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren with their voices.

According to her family Sarah is the oldest person in the world and she should be given national recognition because of her age. She is claimed to be 138 years of age.

What do you think about Sarah Chepkirui and her age. Do you think she is the oldest person in the world ? Share and leave your thoughts on the comments section. Remember to follow up on my channel for more information

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