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Types of people you will find a Kenyan market.

They say every market has a mad man. Well in Kenyan market there are alot of "mad" men. The only difference is the level of madness.

Here is list of shoppers you'll never miss on a market day;

1. The window shoppers.

These are people who always walk from one place to another. They'll always ask for price of a certain product without buying.

2.The loyal one.

This kind of customers buys whatever he/she needs from one specific person. They believe in the rule of loyalty.

3. The discount one.

This kind of customer will never buy any of your product at the price you want. They will make sure you sell at very lower price. If you think I'm lying then one day try going shopping with your mum.

4. The know it all.

This kind of customer will come to buy your products and educate you as well. They will buy and "advice" the kind of products you should have and where to get them.

5. The angry one.

This kind of customer is always hush. Your sweet and humble voice won't change his attitude. His eyes says it all. Just by the looks, you'll know that this' not the kind of customer to never mess up with.

6. The generous ones

They will always buy you goods at exact price you tell them. After that they always tell you to keep change or even buy you a bottle of soda.

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