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Remember George Muchai? See Why He Was Killed (History)

George Muchai, the Kabete MP who was murdered on the morning of February 7, was a tormented soul.

He made an effort to beef up his personal security surrounding himself before his chauffeur, two body guards, and himself were gunned down by a lone marksman who is believed to have been either a competent mercenary, hired assassin, or police official.

Muchai's agitation stemmed from his growing anxiety about his safety, and he was in the midst of hiring a chase car and three close protection officers (CPOs) to act as his security detail.

The Mugithi night owl had told the head of a private security business that he wanted to hire extra protection from about the plots against his life. It was the private security firm's CEO's intention to get him further protection.

As the Nairobiite investigated further, he found that it appeared that Muchai had enemies not only in political and commercial circles but also in the real estate industry, COTU (where he served as the deputy secretary general), gangland, and even inside his own family.

Trimo Security and Private Investigators' Director Jane Mugo explains that the tragedy that befell Muchai was that "he had no understanding where the possible threat lay." Truth be told, he felt confident that his true enemies would use his current set of problems as an opportunity to strike.

Muchai had met with Mugo three times in 2012 and once in December 2014 out of concern for his and his family's security.

The final time they met, before the attackers (who are still at large) carried out their plan, he seemed forlorn and unwilling to take any chances.

To ensure his own safety, the lawmaker was willing to pay the extra cost.

He told Mugo about the business complex he was building in Kamulu, which was the source of his resentment. That was the work of a Chinese construction firm. The way he put it, this success has made some people quite upset. Because of this, they anticipated "intense rivalry" in the market when Muchai first hit shelves.

The congressman reached out to Jane Mugo for help on January 16, 2015.

He ordered that all security holes in his local area be closed, fearing for his safety due to the political and financial clout he held.

After a chance meeting with the Westlands hotel owner, Muchai decided to employ the trained CPOs and the chase car.

The covert plot to augment Muchai's security detail was so closely guarded that not even his bodyguards and driver knew about it.

After Muchai promised to sign the contract upon his return from a trip to Mombasa, Mugo made the purchase of three chase cars. "It breaks my heart that he departed away before I could render this duty," she reflects.

The lawmaker, his driver, and two policemen, Samuel Lekakeny Montata and Samuel Kimathi Kairingia, were all murdered on Saturday. She continues by saying, "His blood will haunt the killers and security services that neglected the threat to his life."

The CPOs' covert ops included scouting the area ahead of the MP, sniffing out any danger, and standing guard. He had been warned that his enemies would resort to other methods of attack besides guns, such as planting bombs in his car or feeding him poisoned food or drink.

There are still many possibilities being considered in the search for the killer(s).

An officer who helped investigate Muchai's murder speculated that the violent slaying may have been related to some property in Ruai in which Muchai had an interest. This was presented as a potential rationale for the murder.

An official in the Kenyan government's security branch is being investigated as a possible "person of interest" in Muchai's death due to their involvement in a property dispute with the lawmaker.

A senior Ruai local told The Nairobian that the MP has been involved in "a succession of land issues" in the Kamulu region, which is close to Ruai.


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