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Revealed: New Details Emerges On How Constable Abel Ended His Live After Killing His Lover

In the country, cases of domestic violence have been increasing and several families have lost their loved ones. Furthermore, some people are going through hard times and others have decided to commit suicide. These cases of committing suicide should be condemned by everyone in the country.

According to the source, new details have emerged on how constable Abel killed his lover Dorcas Chebet in the police station before shooting himself. According to the autopsy that has been conducted today, it has revealed that Abel shoot himself in the chest. I quote some statement from the source, " the bullet entry point in his chest was surrounded by four partially burnt patterns and dark spots, indicating the G3 muzzle flash point. It means he raised the gun upwards in an inclined position pointing while pressing hard to his chest before pulling the trigger, " Dr Dennis revealed. This comes in after the initial investigation should that, Chebet was the one who killed Abel before committing suicide.

May there souls rest in peace.

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