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Road Accident

Ni Pro: Lorry Driver Crosses Kiambu’s Narrow Bridge Without Scratching His Vehicle [VIDEO]

A motorist crossing the bridge.

Other motorists and passersby waited with bated breath as the driver started maneuvering the lorry to cross the purported narrowest bridge in Kiambu county.

The skilled driver crossed the bridge on Ruiru river with little effort, leaving many surprised why then the drivers of small cars wreck them on the walls of this crossing point

The bridge is used by residents of Ndarasha, Ngoma Tupu, Ndururumo, Karia and Gwa Tom to access their homes from the Eastern bypass side.

“He is a pro. He does that thrice every week” a bodaboda operator shouted. [Watch Video Below]

The bridge was narrowed to allow only small vehicles because it is not strong enough to accommodate heavy trucks.

Though there is a small margin left at the entry and exit, many motorists find it difficult to drive through.

Many have wrecked their cars on the walls and concrete pillars, leaving conspicuous marks and some car parts.

Locals with help of an aspiring MCA built it to help residents who had alternatives kilometers away in Kimbo, Kenyatta Road and Juja.

“Were it not for him, we would be driving long distances to access our estates” Mathew Mwaura a resident said.

Adding; “There is a crossing point few metres away from the bridge but one has to drive through the river. It is the one used by big lorries. Small cars cannot use it”.

The lorry driver crossing the narrow bridge.

Residents have been urging the Kiambu county leadership to construct a tronger and wider bridge to accommodate all kinds of vehicles because the area is growing fast.

“Even with this bridge we experience a lot of traffic because we have to cross each at a time” a resident told Opera News.

Content created and supplied by: MwangiWaMacharia (via Opera News )

Eastern Gwa Tom Kiambu Ndarasha Ruiru


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