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Amount Of Money Abductors Gave Scholar For Fare After 10 Days Ordeal

Professor Sheik Abdisamad

The abducated Muslim schoolar has finally spoked out about his odeal in the hands of his Abductors who according to him knew him very well.

Professor Sheik Abdisamad has narrated through his family members how he was taken to a house whose location he can't clearly tell and interrogated by unknown men.

He however said that they never Mistreated him as they could give him his drugs and food together with a place for prayer.

Among the things that they asked included his knowledge about kenya's maritime case aggainst Somalia, Security and terrorism in the region.

The detectives who wore Balaclavas all time interrogated him through speakers mounted at the walls of the safe house they had taken him to.

The Controversial Schoolar is the excutive director of the institute for horn of Africa Starategic studies.

He said that although he could recognize the agents, they showed him a recent photo he took while in somalia meaning they must be knowing him very well.

He was abducted in Nairobi's Turbman road on September 8 when he was going to a hotel to see a friend.

Sheik was then dispossessed of his pistol which was loaded with 15 rounds of ammunitions.

The pistol was however returned to him when he was realesed on Sunday when the abductors gave him ksh 2000 for transport home.

The family is waiting for answers on who might have abducted their kin and for what reason.

Cases of abducations have been on the rise in the recent past with some abducted individuals disappearing without a trace.

What are your views about this unique case of abduction whereby one is given fare back home? Feel free to share your thoughts and comments on this on our comments platform

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