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Behind the Evil power of Suicide

Suicide is an intentional killing of oneself or can simply be termed as self - murder. Suicide is ranked fourth in the leading causes of death in the world.

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People who suffer from depression are the most prone to committing suicide as they feel unwanted.

Here are some of the warning signs of suicide:

1. Talking about wanting to die every time you are with your friends or family.

2. Feeling like you are a burden to others.

3. Feeling great guilt or shame about something.

4. Withdrawing from friends, giving out important items or going an extra mile by making a will.

When someone is having the feeling of committing suicide, he feels hopeless or feels like he /she has no reason to live.

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Such an experience requires immediate counselling to avoid more damage. One is advised to go for a medical check up or visit a psychiatrist.

The Bible clearly tells us that God is the giver of life and Him alone can take it. Therefore, we should treasure God given gift and live fully.

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