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Road Accident

Surviving For Three Months Without A Skull In One Part Of The Head

A man by the name John allegedly got an accident where his head got injured severely. The good Samaritan took him into the hospital where he was supposed to undergo a head surgery. The doctors said that one part of his head was severely injured particularly the skull. Therefore as a result of this, that skull was supposed to be removed then taken into another part of the body so that it can heal.

This made John to be operated again on his stomach so that the removed skull could find a place where it will heal for a period of three months after which it will be taken back into the head. This made the life of John to be painful as he was supposed to buy a helmet worth Ksh. 40,000 in order to protect his head from any injury which he didn't afford to buy.

Therefore, this made him not to be staying in sun for more than five minutes. After three months, John is now supposed to go back to the hospital so that the skull which was placed in the stomach could be removed and be returned to his head. But now the challenge is that he doesn't have money to cater for his hospital bills and now he is requesting well wishers to help him get the money so that he can be treated as soon as possible.

One thing John is optimistic with, is that he will be able to conquer all the challenges and he will come out of the surgery successfully because if he survived for three months without a skull on one side of his head then nothing is impossible in God.

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