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Millions Lost as Fire Razes Down on Modern Coast Buses Yard in Mombasa (VIDEO)

Huge losses were counted after a huge inferno burnt down a section of Modern Coast buses company yard in Makupa, Mombasa. The inferno which started on Saturday, April 17, 2021 evening left the company counting loses after it burnt several buses at the yard.

The flame started at the Makupa Police station fence neighboring the Yard. Two buses parked next to each other were totally burnt as the flames engulfed on them.

The workers present were forced to move the other vehicles away from the flames in the yard to prevent further losses as others tried to put off the fire.

It took the intervention of the Mombasa county firefighters to manage the inferno and later on put it off. By the time the inferno was put off, two buses were burnt totally with others slightly damaged.

The cause of the fire by time of publishing the article was yet to be known.


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Makupa Mombasa


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